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12.13.13 Oppenheimer's Atom Bomb von Luka gets his IPO 1!! Way to go John and Atom!

11.12.13 Haida van het Wantij is Holter normal

10.26.13 Haida van het Wantij is echo normal by cardiologist 

10.13.13 Haida van het Wantij gets IPO VO at the UDC Fall Classic

9.22.13 Remington von Luka gets his IPO1 under UScA judge Willie Pope.  Congratulations! 

8.11.13 Ija gets her BH under the new UScA judge Bob Johantgen.

6.15.13 Atom, Riva and Ija all get their WACs today!  Riva even did it with 6 week old puppies on the ground.  They are proud of their momma.

6.4.13 New pictures of Tesla von Luka added.

5.5.13 Riva had her puppies!  5 males, 3 females.

4.14.13 Riva is confirmed pregnant.  See puppy page for more info.

3.8.13 Riva has been bred to Arrow.  Check out the puppy page for more info.

2.9.13 Eva earns StPr1 and is the 19th dog in the country to earn this title.

2.3.13 Atom becomes UKC Champion

1.22.13 Puppy page updated with news of our next litter.

1.22.13 New pics of Riva added.

11.25.12 Atom and Ija are CERF normal.

11.4.12 Fenja is Echo normal.

9.9.12 Ija becomes a UKC Champion!

9.8.12  Congratulations to Riva von Luka and Monica for getting IPO VO with high tracking, high obedience, high protection (HIT)!!!!! A job well done!

6.10.12 New litter coming!  Check out the puppy page for more info.

5.13.12 New health results for Riva and Atom posted.

4.23.12 Congratulations to Vitruvious von Luka gets her RL2 title this weekend!  Well done girls.

4.22.12 New pictures of Riva added.

4.21.12 Riva von Luka gets her BH at the UDC Nationals!  Way to go at a big trial!

4.6.12 Good day for von Luka Dobermans as some health results are in!  Great Holter reports for Eva and Fenja and Atom gets his hip results back from Germany and he is HD A!

2.9.12 New pics of Eva added.

1.13.12 Haida van het Wantij joins the pack.  Call name Ija.

12.18.11 A big weekend for Dobermans at the Central Valley Doberman Club.  Eva gets IPO3 with 281, Atom gets his BH.  Also that weekend, congrats to Eiko vom Landgraf with IPO3 290, and Incredible Chanel with IPO3 279. 

9.10.11 Remmington von Luka gets his BH under USA judge Willie Pope at only 17 months old!  Way to go!!

8.23.11 New pics of Tesla von Luka added courtesy of Melissa Waters

7.30.11 Lacey von Luka gets TR2 with 95 points! Way to track ladies!

7.7.11 New pics of Atom at Dogstock.

6.12.11 Riva earns her BN title!  She is on a roll!!

6.2.11  Atom's page is updated with new training pics and his vWD status and Riva gets her vWD results back and gets a CGC!!!

5.21.11  A huge congratulations to Syrah von Luka and Christina for obtaining her BH.  Woo hoo!

5.16.11  Not to be outdone, Riva von Luka gets her RN!

5.07.11 Congratulations to Vitruvious von Luka (Lotus) for earning her RL1.  Way to go!!!

4.09.11 Puppy page updated with a breeding announcement.

3.6.11 A very busy weekend for the von Luka group.  At the tender age of 26 months, Fenja achieves SchH1!!  Also at the same trial, Eva got FH1, Fenja's mother, Covae vom Landgraf got FH2 and Lacey von Luka got TR1!

1.25.11 Atom gets his own page!

12.20.10 Eva and Fenja both get back their Holter reports and both are GREAT!!

12.05.10 Congrats to Fenja vom Landgraf who earned a BH, Eva who came out of retirement for a fun AWD1 title, and Eva's 1/2 brother, Eiko vom Langraf got a SchH2 and went high in trial!

10.04.10  Listen to Dr. Muer's talk on the new DCM genetic test. Click here.

7.18.10 Fenja is rated "SG" in conformation.  It is the highest conformation rating she can get in her age group.  Her aunt and uncle get "V" ratings in conformation.  Way to go Eiko and Eika vom Landgraf!

6.05.10  Eva gets her WAC in Galt, CA.

5.29.10 New pic of Fenja and a puppy added.

5.17.10  Fenja is CERF normal.

5.01.10  A big congrats to Annette Buse with Lacey von Luka in their BH. 

4.16.10 Fenja's OFA/MSU thyroids come back normal.  New picture added of Mr. Green puppy.

4.4.10 Eva whelped 8 beautiful black puppies!  Check out the puppy page for more details.

2.26.10 Eva has been confirmed pregnant!!!  Puppies due April 3rd.

2.3.10 Eva has been bred to Cowboy!!  Contact us for info on this upcoming litter.

1.29.10 Results for an updated cardio test for Cowboy (sire of upcoming litter) just came in.  0 VPCs in 24 hours!

1.7.10 New photos of Cowboy (sire of upcoming litter) up

1.1.10 Happy New Year!!  Plus, we have updated our puppy page with new information on our spring 2010 litter.

12.15.09 Eva's Holter monitor results are in, 0 VPCs in 24 hours!

11.21.09 Eva gets her SchH 3 with a score of 280 going High obedience, High SchH 3 and High in Trial!!!!  Way to go!!

10.31.09 Holter Monitor is now for rent.  Email for rental details.

9.20.08 Eva recieves her SchH 2 degree at the NW Regional Championships

8.11.09  Puppy page has been updated as we are planning another litter.

7.20.09 We have moved to the central valley CA.

6.19.09 Website has been updated.

3.21.09  Fenja vom Landgraf comes to us!  Thank you to Wendy Schmitt for allowing us to co-own this little firecracker.

12.22.08 Puppy page updated.

11.14-15.08 Eva earns her SchH1 degree with a score of 278!  Way to go team!

10.06.08  Puppy page updated.

10.06.08 This is the last day to register to vote!!!!  Are you registered?

9.09.08 New puppy pics added.

6.27.008 The puppies are finally here. 

05.21.08 Eva has been confirmed pregnant!

05.18.08 New photos of Eva added.

04.30.08 Eva has been bred to Jedi.  See puppies page for more info.

04.13.08 New photo of the sire of our upcoming litter added.  See Jedi's photo page.

03.12.08 Eva's Holter monitor results are in and normal.

03.01.08-03.02.08 Eva finishes her CD and RN in style.  Check Eva's page for more info. 

02.24.08 Just for fun we decided to enter some AKC obedience.  Check out the results on Eva's page.

02.15.08 New link added.

02.12.08 Puppies page updated.


02.05.08 New page added for the sire of the up coming litter.  Click here for more info on Int. Ch. Wittrock's Tucson Jedi, SchH1, WAC, ATT.

02.01.08 Sire for upcoming litter has been chosen. Check puppies page for more info.

01.26.08 New video of Eva added.

01.01.08 New photos added.

01.01.08 Happy New Year!!!

12.19.07 New site opens!!!

12.19.07 Litter planned for summer 2008.  Check back for updates.


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